Lighting Installation

Expert advice from experienced installers removes any challenge from layout through to final installation.

Popular and Modern Light Fittings

We’ll recommend a wide range of attractive, hassle-free light fittings we know stand the test of time.

Long-standing relationships with reputable and established suppliers together with extensive experience and knowledge mean we know which brands and models are the most reliable, have the best aesthetics and are most commonly requested by today’s customers. This results in you receiving a simple, yet refined solution.

We’ll review your home’s interior design and recommend light fittings we feel look best when used in conjunction with other products, with the ability to install custom fittings and solutions when required. At Shuttle Electrics, we know it’s the small touches that make all the difference.

Understanding How Light Affects a Space

When installing lights in private homes our level of experience means we can tell you which lights (and how many) create the optimal result. We’ve installed lighting in so many homes that achieving the best outcome possible is embedded in our mindsets.

When working with residential builders, our software gives us the ability to draw on existing building designs, so the builder and other trades can all refer to the same blueprint.

Custom and Luxury Lighting Solutions

Shuttle Electrics have completed projects installing luxury pendants and artistic wall lights that look as though they should be in a gallery.

From Sconces to Floodlights

Whether you need track lighting, pendants, wall lights, spotlights, LED strip lights, battens, garden lights, or sensor lights, we can source the most suitable product to meet your budget and ensure high quality finishes. We always strive to find solutions no matter the size or budget of a project.



I highly recommend Shuttle Electrics! Posted a job for a spa to be hardwired on Thursday… He did an awesome job wiring it all up! Matthew is friendly, knows his stuff, and works by the book. I had my certificate of electrical safety in less than 24 hours! Great job Matt!



Contact Shuttle Electrics and you’ll see how easy we are to work with. Our goal is to help bring your electrical goals to completion, and our extensive experience shows in the number of word-of-mouth referrals we receive, as well as the positive testimonials our customers have to say about our service. Get in touch for a quote now!