House Rewiring

Old wiring is one potential cause of house fires, so re-wiring your home is necessary to ensure your family and your property are safe.

The Dangers of Old Wiring

Outdated and worn-out electrical cables are extremely dangerous and have a high chance of failing, leaving you without power.

There has never been a good story about old wiring. When someone goes into their roof cavity or underneath a house, touching anything metal in contact with an old, live, exposed wire can lead to catastrophic events.

Wires and cables have changed over the years. These days we have double-insulated cable, which uses an accurate uninterrupted earthing system. This enables a safety switch (RCD – Residual Current Device) to function.

The team at Shuttle Electrics will come to your property, remove old cables from your switchboard, and then rewire the entire house. At the completion of every new installation, we test each circuit to ensure your entire property’s lights, power, and appliances are all set-up properly for safe operation.

Rewiring for Home Renovations

Home Extensions and Interior Design Makeovers

Rewiring is most often done in residential home renovations. We’ll discuss all of your options and the associated costs as we proceed through the project. The same goes for home makeovers when the inside of a property is redesigned and requires entirely new electrical and lighting design and installation.

When rewiring for a renovation we can get into the most challenging access points – not even brick walls can stop us! If we do need to cut holes for access, we’ll discuss this with you beforehand and then plaster the holes up upon completion. With Shuttle Electrics there are never any



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