Electrical Alterations & Upgrades for Home

When you buy an older home, plan to renovate, or need to ensure your rental property is up to code, Shuttle Electrics makes sure your home is 100% safe.

Switchboard Upgrades

People buying older homes, beginning new works like extensions or renovations, or with rental properties need their switchboard to be up to modern minimum standards.

The Residency Tenant Agreement has recently been updated to make sure people renting a home are safe from harm. It’s a landlord’s responsibility to ensure older switchboards have been upgraded with safety switches (RCD Testing) and up to code. If not upgraded, they’re deemed to be a defect. We also look at the state of the property’s cables. Future knockdowns still need to be safe if you’re planning on having tenants.

For those buying an older home or intending on undertaking works such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, switchboard upgrades are done for safety and peace of mind.

Upgrading Power Points, Data Points, and TV Antenna Points

Power Point Installs

Older homes don’t have as many power points as new properties, which can lead to an overabundance of extension cables, power boards, and double adaptors. These increase the risk of fire and shock. Installing new power points can reduce the number of these devices, increasing the level of safety in your home.

Faulty power points need to be replaced. When left unchecked, old appliances and electrical leads can cause damage to power points and are potential fire hazards.

Increasing Data Points (Internet) and TV (Antenna Points)

In modern society we rely on IT for our daily lives, and as more and more people now work from home, increasing the number of data points in a property has become a common occurrence.

IT professionals often use cloud-based software, and so don’t desire WIFI connections. Gamers using PlayStations and X Boxes need faster internet speeds only attained through direct cable connections. People moving into new homes often want to add smart TVs, as well as additional TVs in other rooms. The answer lies in more data and antenna points.

Antenna Installation

We can install antennas in new homes or house renovations, as well as provisional cabling for satellite dishes or pay TV.

Lighting Upgrades

The main job we’re tasked to do for lighting is upgrading halogen lights to LED lights. LEDs are cheaper to run and give your home a more contemporary look. Often, we’ll be contacted when halogen lights begin to fail. We’re able to switch these over to high quality LED lights, which come with a 3-year warranty. These lights are brighter overall, while using less electricity.

Installing Generator Changeover Switches

If you live in a location where there are regular scheduled or unscheduled power outages, diesel generators are key to keeping the power on and life on track. This is also applicable to off-grid homes for times when solar power and its associated batteries are running too low. The generator changeover switch automatically swaps over to the generator, so you always have power.



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