Shuttle Electrics Balwyn has been meeting the rapidly growing demand for reliable data transmission media, designing and manufacturing data transmission cables in full compliance with current cabling standards. We offer a range of services to data cabling installation in each area of your home or office to ensure that you can receive impeccable communication in each area. We offer structured cabling of the entire infrastructure with easy installation.

Poor WiFi can have a crippling effect on the users and it is frequently an issue that poor connection areas pop up around your home and garden, leaving cold spots without any connection. We want to ensure you have optimum connectivity at all times without having to find and sit in unfavourable positions. The problems that come with poor WiFi can cause issues across the board, including slow speeds of the internet when using multiple outlets. Our solution is simple, you can continue to use the internet on all devices at the same time in any location with the interruption of signal.

Allow us to create a specially developed wired network for your home which allows an integration of high-tech systems in all areas. Whether it’s your home or office space, we can help revolutionise your new system. We achieve an economical and simple installation, and use stellar systems to ensure excellent wiring for the best internet connection. It’s time to step into the modern world and allow us to give you the power of communication, speed and integration for a better future, at work and at home.

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