Commercial Electrical Repairs

When your power goes out or you have an electrical breakdown of any kind, we’ll find the best solution to meet your needs.

We Come, Troubleshoot, and Find Solutions – Fast!

Our team knows how important it is to get the power back on, because when there’s no electricity at home, modern life comes to a standstill. Our efficient and reliable licensed A Grade electricians will find the problem and then rectify it – period.

If a safety switch has tripped in your home, we will find the source of the issue.

Common causes can be water damage, faulty equipment, pests chewing on wires, or outdated wiring beginning to deteriorate and fail.

Common Electrical Repairs at Home

Ever come home to find only half the house’s power working? You’re not alone – this is a common fault we’re asked to repair, and it can be caused by a range of issues:

Old light fittings blow, and their transformers subsequently fail

This is solved by upgrading lighting inside and outside the property.

Cabling is damaged due to rodents or possums chewing on wires

We fix this by re-wiring sections or even your entire home.


If DIY work has been done in your home by yourself or by a previous owner, the chances are the work has been done incorrectly and in an unsafe manner. DIY work on electrical installations is not only unsafe – it’s illegal. Make sure you call a qualified professional for any electrical work.


Up until the early 1960’s and before the introduction of PVC, residential properties commonly used electrical cables constructed using Vulcanised India Rubber (VIR). In its current state, this outdated form of cabling is becoming a common failure point in existing electrical installations. It’s now the biggest cause of electrocutions and electrical fires.

Repairing Worn, Faulty and Unsafe Electrical Equipment

A home’s electrics are used every day, and subsequently your electrical equipment can wear out over time. Our thorough approach ensures your entire electrical installation meets regulations and is safe to use by those you love most. We’ll test and visually inspect your home’s power and lighting, fixing current problems while proactively addressing any potential issues we observe. When there is more than one way to repair a fault, we’ll explain the different solutions so you can choose the best one to meet your needs.




We recently moved to a new home and shuttle helped connect our Tesla EV charger and home electricity network, making it easy for us charge our car and plan power usage throughout the house, saving us with off peak charging rates.

Highly Recommended & would use them again for any EV or electric needs at home.

All the work has been done to the highest quality and I recommend them to friends and family for any electrical needs in Ringwood.

Jill Owens // Home Owner



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